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Kiki McDonough Jewellery

Established in 1985, Kiki McDonough is renowned for showcasing coloured gemstones in her elegant and timeless designs. With strong British heritage and flagship store in Sloane Square, she continues to lead the way in fine jewellery design.

Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Collection

Kiki Classics

Timeless designs featuring beautifully cut gemstones set in gold settings. Kiki re-invented some of her original designs and played with new colour ways to create the Kiki Classics.

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Kiki McDonough Grace Collection


Kiki's elegant Grace Collection is both understated and distinctive, featuring simple pieces that can be worn every day. The collection includes rings, pendants and earrings using coloured gemstones surrounded by pave set diamonds set in 18ct gold.

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The Collections

Kiki McDonough Kiki Cushion Collection

Kiki Cushion

Perfectly timeless gifts, whatever the occasion. The new designs come in a variety of Kiki's signature striking colours, featuring citrine, peridot, blue topaz, lavender amethyst, green amethyst and lemon quartz stones, with some set in pave diamonds.

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Kiki McDonough Grace


Kiki's elegant Grace Collection is both understated and distinctive, featuring classic designs that work for everyday. The collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces featuring Kiki's signature coloured gemstones.

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Kiki McDonough Apollo Collection


Apollo, the mythical God of the Sun and Light, and the starting inspiration behind the collection. Kiki has always been inspired by nature, taking influence from the Sun's shape and movement, the Apollo Collection's signature circular motif was born.

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Kiki McDonough Pearls


Kiki's delicate pearl designs are set within subtle gold and diamond settings which subtly complement, rather than detract from the wonderfully distinctive, natural and iridescent sheen of the pearls themselves.

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Kiki McDonough Lace Collection


As a child, Kiki's grandmother had a brooch that she always loved and admired. The centre piece of this beloved brooch was to later become the inspiration for the Lace collection.

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Kiki McDonough Kiki Classics Collection

Kiki Classic

Timeless designs featuring vibrant coloured gemstones in a variety of gold settings, Kiki loves to reinvent her original designs, displaying new colour combinations. The Ripple rings, are a well-loved Kiki classic - versatile, stackable and stylish.

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About Kiki McDonough

Established in 1985, Kiki McDonough Ltd was born from Kiki's passion for showcasing coloured gemstones in innovative, contemporary designs, she continues to lead the way in British fine jewellery design. The brand's very first creation, a pair of distinctive crystal heart earrings, were put on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum's renowned jewellery gallery, cementing the brand's importance within the modern jewellery landscape.

Colour, creativity and craftsmanship have long been held in high esteem by Kiki and her family; Kiki's father and grandfather were both jewellers by trade, igniting in her an ambition to share the joy jewellery can bring, and how a little colour can elevate the every day. The name Kiki McDonough is now synonymous with elegant, feminine and timeless designs, magnificent gemstones and unique colour combinations.

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